A knitting disaster!

A few posts ago I shared a pair of red ridged mittens which I was quite pleased with 😊

I decided to make the hat to match and here it is:-

The rolls on my neck match the ridges on the hat……

It seems rather large but the pattern says that it should fit an average adult head, and I thought my head was bigger than average!

It looks like something one of the seven dwarves might wear!!!

I have tried wearing it in a slouchy way but it keeps falling down. I am not happy with it so time for a bit of frogging 🐸🐸🐸

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


29 thoughts on “STASH-BUSTING #22

  1. Pictures are priceless. I do like it that you can laugh at yourself. My first slouchy looked a lot like that, only it was gray. I was so proud of my first hat but frogged it before anyone else could see me in it. LOL. I looked like Bilbo Baggins in a too large hood.

    Thanks for making me laugh. I do like the hat though. I’d make it if I had the pattern.

    Be well.

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  2. It looks lovely though! I really like the colour. Could you not frog a few rows then add a tighter rib to hold it on your head?

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