I’ve always fancied the idea of wearing a beret but have never managed to pull it off😪

I found this yarn

Now this yarn says it’s made from recycled ♻️ bottles so I thought I would see what I could do with it. It seemed quite bulky for dk so I took time on working out my tension and then had a go at making a beret. After lots of knitting and lots of frogging and then more knitting I came up with this:

My tension was done in stocking stitch, I probably should have done a swatch in rib as well as it is a bit loose or my head isn’t as big as I thought it was🤣

I have quite enjoyed working on something from scratch and I am gearing up to work on the rib to improve the fit. I’m intrigued to know how all those water and pop bottles were turned into yarn though 🤔 I would hope it would keep your head dry as its all plastic☔️

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡



Mmmmmmh🤔 I wonder…

Yarn from the stash was found on the stairs this morning!

The pom pom on my hat has been attacked!

Surely he can’t be the culprit?

Off to attempt trimming my pom pom to even it up or if worse comes to worse see if I’ve something in the stash that will match to make a new one!!!

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡

Eau de vie ..

Water of life .

This is currently the water of my life!!! Don’t think there will be many walkers on the other side of the fence today! But yeah it has been worse!

Can’t complain it has been up to the top of the fence but it still makes a mess!

The cat is distraught, he really does not like our new water feature 😢

But Spring is around the corner 🌷🌱🌷

Back to the knitting me thinks 🤔

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


A birthday gift from a very talented sister…

I had a rather big birthday at the beginning of the week and my lovely sister Tora gave me a handmade gift.

A beautiful throw. I did try draping it over the bed but the cat thought it was for him, what’s a few cat hairs between friends? I have put it away for fear he might start clawing it when my back is turned😢 So I’m looking for somewhere safe to display it.

The cat is a sneaky little devil, when my back was turned he had his nose in the tuna I was draining for my lunch. I thought he was outside, I swear he hides so he can sneak out on me when least expected🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


It’s been a while….

My last post was in October when I had dug out a few WIPs to finish off. I’m sorry to say my little blog fell by the wayside but I had a lovely email from Pam enquiring after my wellbeing, this community is so kind.

I have cut down on my screen time over the last month or two, for 2 reasons. Firstly I find screens are quite tough on my poor old eyes and secondly there is so much bad or unkind stuff out there😢

The knitting has carried on although I haven’t done a big project for a while. I did a couple of Christmas stalls and sold a few hats and mittens, I always get a buzz when people buy something that I have made❤️

It’s very wet over here in Blighty at the moment, the river is rising and Bewdley has its flood defences up in an attempt to prevent flooding. So expect some pictures of flood water soon🐟🐟🐟

Thank you for bearing with me.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


Having a tidy up 🕸🕸🕸

For the last few weeks I have been rummaging in corners and making piles for recycling, charity and to keep. I’m sure the lady at the local hospice donation centre thinks oh no not her again! It’s difficult to judge, after all one man’s rubbish can be another man’s treasure 🤔

I have also dug up a whole host of unfinished projects🤪 Me being me the knitting part is complete but no attempt has been made to start finishing and sewing up😥

I have sewn the following up, all found in a Christmas bag 😇

A hat, a cowl, mittens and Christmas novelties!!!

Quite a sense of achievement but sadly I think I will find more…

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


On the road to recovery!

We were all set to spend the weekend at Stone Valley festival. Our camper was all loaded up. I had wine and knitting to last the weekend and we set off.

We got half an hour up the road and broke down on a busy roundabout.

Our first rescuer moved us to a safe place. And then after some time it was taken to the garage where she sadly waits.

I am using the unexpected time at home to have a sort through my crafting clutter, I’d forgotten I had half of it 😉

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


at Far Forest Show…

Many months ago I booked a stall at my local countryside show. Little did I realise how hot this weekend would be.

My display needs a little work!

30+ degrees and I’m trying to sell woolly hats, no wonder trade is slow😉 . I have had a great day despite the heat. Lots of nice feedback and met some lovely people. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully a few more customers.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


what’s on my needles…

Back in March I had Covid and, confined to barracks, I started a cable knit in a very dark navy. Sadly I have no progress to share on this because I have given up😏 the colour was just so tough on my eyes.

However, I am working on a summer cotton knit.

It’s a combo of stocking stitch and moss stitch and I am using a cotton aran by Paintbox yarns on 4.5 needles.

What’s on your needles?

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡