And so it begins….

Just thought I would offer a sneaky peak at how my nephews cable knit jumper is coming along.

So we have a single rib, some cables over 4 rows, the diamond twist pattern done over 24 rows and the textured stitch which I think is called blackberry stitch or perhaps I’ve made that up because it looks a bit like blackberries 🤔

I have worked just over 100g of the Paton’s wool blend and I am liking the finish 🙄

The sun is out so hoping for a lovely weekend after a tough week at work. Hope the weather is as kind to everyone else as the sun certainly lifts my mood.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


well not really as I have a new addition to the stash…

Look what arrived today, she writes shaking with excitement 😀

Eleven balls of Patons wool blend aran (63% wool). I am embarking on an aran cable-knit jumper for my nephew. I have gone for a wool mix because of the laundry 😃

N is pulling his hair out at I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday going through my yarn jumble. So when this arrived this morning he nearly dropped his cuppa…

I also potted up a planter with primulas and tete a tete which I’m hoping will look pretty for Mothering Sunday ⚘⚘⚘

My fingers are tingling as I’m very keen to get my new project on my needles. Progress will be shared😂

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


Or whipping the WIPs into shape…

Do you remember me sharing photos on the progress of the pink Guernsey jersey?

Well I have finally finished it 🤗

It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern that I found in Prima magazine a few years ago. I have made it in brown before but I am much happier with this attempt. The yarn came from Aldi so cheap and cheerful. Next time I make it I will have the confidence to splash out on a more expensive yarn.

Hope you are having a good Sunday.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


Another project started in 2020 but finished in 2021…

I have finally finished this little kitty coat for N’s granddaughter

The pattern came from Hobbycraft and it is made in their cotton blend DK yarn. It is knitted completely in garter stitch which is why it took so long – I got bored😋

Anyway it’s in the post now, hopefully it fits???

Meaow 🐱🐱🐱

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


a cosy cuppa…

Handicrafts and gardening are both good ways of looking after your mental health especially when the sun is out 🌝

I had a little knitting kit for Christmas to make a mug cosy. It was aimed at beginners but you know me…

The kit contained full instructions, some divine wool and these super cute chunky knitting needles, they are just so dinky 😉 The cosy is just done in garter stitch and because it’s a chunky yarn grows really quickly.

Now after my mindful bit of knitting, I really enjoyed the feel of the wool and handling those dinky chunky needles I put my cosy on a mug and made myself a cuppa. I took my cuppa outside and potted a few primulas to make my garden pretty.

And my cuppa stayed nice and warm in its little coat 😚

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


What a difference a couple of weeks make!!!

I shared a picture of this view last month with the flood defences holding the river back but now look at it 😊

However, look what the river has left behind…

It’s nice to be able to use the bridge again 😉

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


Hooking and me 🤔

I am still in a storeage frame of mind so thought I would have a go at crocheting a basket.

Now this basket made in the round is a bit of a jumble, I lost track of the join and ended up with too many increases. So I finished it off added a little loop to use as a work basket.

I do like the little neat stitches and the firm fabric it has made but need to pay more attention to marking the join.

I have made a larger crochet basket.

I just worked this backwards and forwards which was easier to keep track of the increases and then I sewed up the seam at the end. I do like the ridges created by working this way.

Both baskets were made using aran weight yarn and I chose a size 4 hook which has made a nice firm basket.

Not a natural hooked! !!

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡

Happy 14th February

Saint Valentine was a Roman priest in the 3rd or 4th century (depending which source you go to) who liked to marry couples even if he wasn’t supposed to. He was martyred for his cause.

And below is my first photograph

Woolly wishes,

Jane ❤️


Started in 2020 but finished in 2021…

I finished the knotty cowl the week before last and got it posted.

I have given it to my sister but I do think it will be rather warm but it was an interesting set of stitches.

Can’t get round to sticking to a big project so still keeping my hands busy making animals and storeage ideas.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡