Self-help #1

The closet crafter

The boot of my Fiesta!!!

Those of us who enjoy a spot of craft tend to have a bit of a stash of useful bits and pieces that might come in handy one day….

Now my stash is hidden in all manner of nooks and crannies around the house and I was becoming so fed up of my partner and son’s sarcastic comments about there being wool everywhere that I have started filling the boot of my car… This cannot be healthy???

So I have emptied it out and hidden it in the garage and I am going to try to work through it all. Maybe I could set up a stall at a festive or craft fair to get rid of some of it once complete. I am determined to complete as much as possible as it was all bought to learn new skills or develop existing ones.

I could not believe how many kits I have bought from Aldi to make various woolly animals – I can’t resist a bargain!! Along with balls of wool that were on 3 for 2 offers…

So here we go. Declutter and learn/develop new skills. This has got to be the start of some sort of journey of wellbeing. Fingers crossed xx


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