Macrame Monday #1

Teaching an old dog new tricks!

I am happily working my way through my bags of crafting stuff, it is incredible what I have been hoarding over the years…

Anyway I have found a ball of macrame string and a pattern to make a shopping bag, bought in a moment of delusion obviously!! I think I bought it thinking I would make the bag and gift it to one of my poor sisters who I always insist on giving something handmade to for Christmas. I am sure they would prefer wine and chocolates!

Now my mission is to work through my stash so I think I had better give it a go. I have been on the Hobbycraft website and seen how to make the 2 knots used on the bag and I have practiced using some old wool from my stash. I did not want to practice using the string in case I ran out and had to buy more which would defeat the object of my current mission!

Gathering knotSquare knots

Now I have got to build up the courage to start cutting the string into lengths. I need 16 x 3 metre lengths. Now this is a concern my tape measure only goes up to 150 cm, I got it from a Christmas cracker…

More to follow on getting into a knot!


2 thoughts on “Macrame Monday #1

  1. Takes me back to 1985 probably when I visited the US and was taught macrame by the in laws (at the time but no longer). I must have made a load of pot holders after that. Maybe put some chocolate in the bag. Keep them happy. 🙂


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