Self-help #5

Make do and mend!

Now I hark on about this a lot. Schools teach reading, writing and sums, some science, perhaps another language and some PE, all of which are very important but how prepared are some of our students for life outside school?

A lad I work with had ripped the seam of his trousers now I have had years of practice mending trousers. When my son was in primary school I would have had to buy new school trousers every week if it wasn’t for my needle and thread…

So during my coffee break this morning I sipped my wild berry tea and sewed up the seam. I also turned up the hem where it had come down. I hasten to add the young man gave me the trousers days ago. I had taken them home but black trousers and black thread were a bit much for my eyes in the evening light, hence I did them in the morning light. I handed them back, advising him to give them a bit of a press, especially the hems, before he wears them – I bet he doesn’t!

So trousers returned. This has not helped my decluttering but I do feel pleased with myself for helping another. šŸ‘–


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