I made myself a mask 😷

Today is my day off so after mowing the lawn and my bit of river bank I have sat in the garden and made myself a mask.

All hand stitched as I don’t have a sewing machine. It won’t protect me from disease but it will prevent me from spreading my germs.

I have to take clients for walks around their neighbourhoods to ensure they have a little exercise and I don’t have many paper masks but with this one I can wash and rewear either that or I could consider a change of career and become a bank robber!

Looking at the above photos I think my next challenge should be my roots😣

Hoping you are all keeping safe and well.

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


29 thoughts on “SELF-HELP #30

  1. Great job on the mask!! Now you will be right in step with everyone else wearing a mask as it is becoming our new normal right now. And you are right, it may not keep the germs away, but it will keep from spreading to others. And it will also remind others know to do the social distancing thing. Roots? I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it. I have dark hair and my roots are very noticeable. I am wondering if I should just go gray after Corona…but then again, my 80 year old mother will never go gray so I would end up looking like her mother, LOL

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  2. Pretty mask! Now is the time to experiment with your hair – if you can get hold of the products that is. My theory is that if I make a mess of mine, I can go to a salon after they reopen and get it tidied up!!

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  3. Hand sewn? That’s impressive! I think you should make a hat to match, if you can find another nice day in the garden, or a kerchief would work, and be easier to sew. And I didn’t notice the roots either –

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