Ooops. …

I am a bit of a lost cause – look what arrived today

I am trying to convince myself that this doesn’t really count as free gifts but I have my doubts as it still takes up space. I really must stop ticking the free gift box when on line!!!

Just got to think of something to do with it all before N throws me and my stash out πŸ˜…

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


28 thoughts on “ADDING TO THE STASH AGAIN!!!

    1. They are pretty colours but all acrylic yarn. Magazine and craft sites often have freebies or competitions with crafty goodies but I think I have gone a bit overboard πŸ˜‰


  1. πŸ˜‚I have the same β€œproblem” only with fabric. People always give me their unwanted fabric and I can always think of things to do with it… only I never seem to get it done. I actually just donated a lot because it has been in my sewing room for over a year and I still hadn’t used it 😬

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  2. and all the knit/crochet people went: Ooooooooooo! when seeing your ‘gift’! (so where DO you find a ‘click for free gift’ on line? Don’t think I’ve ever seen that!) … she asked, hoping to score more yarn (as if I need it, hahaha!)

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  3. oooh those Sundae colours look yummy!
    I’m always intriguedabout the debate amongst knitters/crocheters regarding cotton v acryllic. I personally have a huge stash of Style Craft Special DK (so acrylic) and I love it. I have used cotton occasionally, but I actually prefer to work with acrylic.

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    1. I am a bit of a tart and flit between natural and man-made fibres. The beauty of acrylics is the vibrant colour pallet and so easy on the washing front. And I wear things until they literally fall apart so it will be a long time until I need to worry about recycling and landfill ❀

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