Or an icing sugar storm 🌬

It is B’s birthday todayπŸŽ‚ Can’t believe my little cherub is now old enough to drive! I thought I would try to be one of those yummy mummy types and make him a cake πŸ€”

Now in my defence I haven’t done any proper baking since B was small when we used to bake together. In recent years I have made brownies and the like with my good friend Betty Crocker. And I have had a very temperamental oven and baking on my own was never much fun😯

But I have a new oven so thought I would have a go. I measured the ingredients from memory, probably not one of my better ideasπŸ˜‹ I made an 8oz sponge mixture but new baking tins so think I probably should do a 10oz mixture. And new oven so need to experiment with that. My cake looks a bit flat and is a bit crisp around the edge but it did have a nice spring to the touch. I have sandwiched it together with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream.

Note to self:

Soften the butter before attempting to cream it

Make sure the mixer is on its lowest setting when using icing sugar – everything ended up with a fine dusting of the stuffπŸ˜‰

I don’t think I will be doing the Great British Bake Off any time soon….

I am going to stick to my knitting. Anyone for a cuppa and cake?

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


19 thoughts on “A RANDOM BAKE

  1. Happy birthday to B! My little cherubs are 25 and 27!! I. KNOW!!! The cake looks delish. I am fond of un-iced cakes. When the cake is cool, you can put a paper doily on top and powder the cake. When you remove the paper, the pretty lace design is left.

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  2. The cake looks great. I giggled about the icing sugar explosion – been there too – more than once! I remember when my son passed his driving test at 17 – there was no way I thought he was safe on the road !

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      1. Ha ha – it took a while before I was comfortable not to hold onto a handle in the car whilst we were going along ! Now I only worry when he goes on longer journeys out of his regular way!

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