It’s a string thing…

I have continued to dabble in crochet. I had a practice at a market bag using 100g of baby yarn from my stash a week or two ago. I have moved on…

String is the thing…

I have made a couple of market bags, they are different but have a 3.5mm hook, half trebles, double crochet and lots of chain stitch in common!

The green one is made from an organic cotton which has a lovely soft finish and the beige and cream one is made from a mercirised cotton which has a much more robust feel to it. But both 100% cotton in their own right!

They are both quite organic in as much as I made it up as I went along πŸ˜‹

Hope your weekend has been as organic?

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


24 thoughts on “STASH-BUSTING IN 2021 #16

  1. These bags are GREAT. We have a bigger stash of canvas bags that we use but I made two smaller bags to buy fruit and veggies in so we can forgo the plastic bags in the supermarket – one went to my grandparents, who have been using it ever since and we have the other one. YAY for market bags!! (I’m gonna make myself one though πŸ˜‰ )

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  2. They are so popular when I make them for the village fair. I make little fabric pouches to keep them in too so they don’t snag on things in the hand bag when you’re not using them.

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  3. These are so cute, a d the colors are great! I’ve been crocheting for years and am just not brave enough to create my own things. I can follow pretty much any pattern though.

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