Meet Lockdown Lucy…

We have been self-isolating since Saturday. Stuck at home during a heatwave is no joke and my WIPs are both suffering- far too hot to be working on blankets!!!

We can sit in the garden first thing in the morning and late evening but far too hot the rest of the day. To keep my needles busy I have been trying to make a bunny and here she is. I have chosen the name Lockdown Lucy because the only other name I had up my sleeve was Isolation Isabella!

I need to work on her as she is a flawed bunny. One leg is fatter than the other but hey a lot of us suffer from swollen ankles at this time of the year, she’s also got odd ears (it comes to something when you can’t follow your own pattern notes🤔). Her eyes also need some work!

I’ve made her a little dress as I’ve got time on my hands. I won’t be entering the Sewing Bee any time soon 😉 Her little dress is a sort of tabard affair. The words of one of Victoria Wood’s Dinner ladies springs to mind “no one looks good in a tabard”! However, I need to work on my sewing skills before trying a proper dress😄

Off to do a bit more self-isolating and try my hand at another bunny!

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


24 thoughts on “STASH-BUSTING #20

      1. She’s a RABBIT! They are not known for their modesty – hence the phrase, breeding like rabbits. Or are you following in the footsteps of the missionaries? I can’t tell in the photo that the legs aren’t the same; her ears are fine; not all of us have symmetrical eyes. Very cute, and tabards are classic and comfortable.

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      2. Thank you and hopefully she will have a few friends while we are isolating and I’m perfecting the pattern 🤪 Then we can say breeding like rabbits 🐰🐰🐰


  1. It’s an adorable bunny, and as much as I like “Lockdown Lucy” I adore the name “Isolation Isabella” 🙂 Lockdown Lucy definitely needs a friend.


  2. Lockdown Lucy is lovely! I also have one leg thinner than the other, and I try to think of it as a unique asset, rather than a flaw. My eyes could do with some work too, but hey, it’s a bit late for me!

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  3. Oh no, sorry to hear you’re isolating again. Is this a personal thing or a country-wide thing? Bunny is cute and a bit of asymmetry just makes it more perfectly imperfect!

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    1. Thank you Nicola. My son has covid so the 3 of us are like caged animals at the mo and it’s so hot over here. But on the bright side we had a grocery delivery today so I haven’t got to use my imagination for another pot luck supper tonight 🤪


      1. It’s miserable when it’s too hot and you can’t cool down. We had 40+ a couple of weeks ago followed by a run of Temps in the 30s. No air conditioning. Today we have a cooler day (28 forecast) and it is such a relief.

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