And April showers β˜”

April has arrived but it is bitterly cold and we had snow yesterday, perhaps that is the April Fools Day prank – January weather! I have managed to avoid the pranksters so far this year!

Years ago I worked in France where le poisson d’avril was celebrated and much fun was had by children sticking paper fish on each others backs 🐑🐠🐑

How do you celebrate the 1st of April?

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


9 thoughts on “APRIL FOOL’S DAY

  1. I am in France and my (now grown up) sons used to do that on April 1st ! Much fun pretending not to be feeling anything πŸ™‚ Today is very cold too here in Normandie and in France, we even had snow πŸ™€ Last week I was sorting out my summer dresses 😺

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  2. I’m in Maine for a long weekend, and it is pouring down cold, cold rain. I only do April Fools when inspired – and I’m not inspired this year! Spending today knitting in a warm house with friends. And eating yummy and not at all good for you pastries. Too bad, so sad –

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  3. No ‘fishies on my back’ here . . . hehehe. It’s snowing here (Michigan) but then, I can well remember having snow on Easter (and not just a little!) We’ll see how this goes – stay warm, my friend!

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