It’s so quiet. ..

I had the day off yesterday back to work at 5pm today for another 24 hour shift. Got the lawn mown yesterday and I did a 40 minute walk yesterday and today. I have said hello to everyone I have passed. My theory being some of these people may live on their own and if they are only allowed out once they might need a little chat. Mainly older ladies who have developed conversation beyond hello, lovely day 🌞

And that is the thing the weather is beautiful and it is so peaceful. The slower pace of life has a sort of holiday feel AND then you remember we are here because people are becoming so poorly or worse. 😷

My garden, still some clearing up to do after the floods!!!

We all clapped for the NHS last night. We all came together but not together which was very special. The sound of the clapping echoed across the river.

I have picked up the little jacket that I am making for N’s granddaughter who is due at the beginning of April. We will miss those first few weeks as we will not be able to visit πŸ˜₯

The pink is more salmony. Working in double moss stitch which makes a change.

I have been taking my knitting outside to enjoy the sunshine while I can. I am not a sun worshipper but believe a bit of UV does us good and so many do not have this opportunity at the moment.

Please keep safe 🌈

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


Ooh la la!!!

Obviously got too much time on my hands. I have made a little beret to go with the little pink and grey cardi.

This picture highlights that I need to paint my woodwork, it is looking rather shabby!

I have made the beret from a Sirdar pattern, predominantly using rice stitch. I have finished my pink yarn πŸ˜‰

Need to get on with the salmon pink cardi but I got sidetracked into making the beret.

Off to work tonight. I have a scarf that I am working on while on shift but it does not come home with me. It will need a deep clean once finished, just to be on the safe sideπŸ€”

Keep safe and woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


Eyeing-up future projects πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I work in adult social care and yesterday I took a client to a local care farm and just look at the new arrival!

His name is Coco? Named after the clown NOT the fashion designer!!!

Just look at all of that lovely wool. I am going to be talking very nicely to the farm people from now until shearing time. That would be a really nice addition to the stashπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Anyway back to the stash-busting. I am halfway through a little jacket and a couple of hats but no photos as my knitting will fade into insignificance compared to the very handsome Coco.

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


Finally finished Friday…

My partner becomes a grandpa at the beginning of April. His daughter is expecting a little girl – I went to the Baby Shower last week. I have been working on a little cardi for her which I have finally finished this morning 😊

Taken a while as lots of ends to sew in!!!
And from the back.

So this month I will be using up some of my baby yarn stash so as to have some bits and pieces to offer on the big day β˜†β˜†β˜†

Maybe something in just one colour next so as I don’t have all of those ends to sew in…

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


Woolly bits and pieces AND rain β˜”

Happy Leap Day everyone.

I went to a Baby Shower today and I have eaten far too much cake 🐷

My woolly gift β™‘

So quite a productive month:

Cowl, pom pom hat, 2 sets of mittens and a ball of red yarn after frogging THE hat!
Baby blanket, booties and mittens.

And there was also the baby Guernsey but that is with baby O now β™‘β™‘β™‘


The wavy jumper;

A scarf;

A baby cardi.

And a big clear up after the floods.

Hoping for a drier March but Storm Jorge is blowing a gale outside so don’t think next week is going to be much of an improvement!

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


The power of nature 🌨🌨🌨

The river is very high

The fence is nearly completely submerged!

I dragged this out yesterday afternoon, not because I am particularly fond of it or the old wood inside it but if it floats away over the fence it will be a piece of single-use plastic further down the river!

The river breached the flood defences the other night and neighbours round the corner have been evacuated!

I am cheering myself up by packing my gift for the baby shower on Saturday β™‘β™‘β™‘

Apparently there could be another 10 days of this β˜”β˜”β˜”

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


WIP winning πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…

My week off started today. My plan was to make a start clearing up the mess in the garden but it has rained all morning and I am a fair weather gardener!!! However, I am glad I didn’t make a start as the river is rising again and guess what it is in the garden again 😣 really is getting rather boring…

So to keep myself amused I dug out a baby blanket that I keep listing on my WIP list but do nothing about. I think it last appeared on my blog in the autumn. Anyway celebration time 🍻🍻🍻 I have just finished it 🎈🎈🎈

Rhubarb and custard baby blanket β™‘

Feeling quite pleased that it is done but I am already thinking about colour combos for another one…

If the weather continues like this I will have no WIPs left or maybe that is just a bit of wishful thinking on my part πŸ€”

Trying to keep dry β˜”β˜”β˜”

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘