Self-help #3 1/2

Looking after your hands ♡♡♡

The sign of a disorganised mind I forgot part of my self-help post…

Now gardening and wool craft are not necessarily the best bed fellows. All of that weeding and pruning can play havoc with your hands. And as us knitters know rough skin or nails can tag your yarn and not in a good way. Dirty fingernails can also cause your yarn distress. And no-one wants distressed yarn…

I am currently looking after my hands with a handcream made by Spear and Jackson.

They are known for their gardening tools – spades and forks, hoes and rakes in fact it says on the tube they have neen going since 1760. That is a lot of gardening! I found this handcream at Christmas which really combats the damage done by pottering in the garden and general household chores. I bought 3 tubes of it in case it was just a seasonal item and I have to admit I haven’t seen it in the shops since. I also have some little cotton gloves which I wear over hands that are smothered in cream when my hands are really rough.

I have picked some little white hedge roses and some orange blossom and plonked them into a jam jar. Doesn’t look very grand but the lounge is filled with the delicious scent of the garden.

Happy days…

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