Stash busting #3


Well I have finished the scarf but it has not made much of a dent on the stash!

I would have taken a selfie wearing it but I look a bit like a tomato, having got caught in the sun yesterday!!! But it looks just dandy on the pretty bird bath my aunt bought me.

As I said before I bought the wool from my local Aldi and the instructions said 450g required for the scarf on the inside of the ball band.

I have used 200g and I bought enough yarn to make 3 so at that rate I have enough to make 6 plus a stripey one with left over balls.. .

The wavy yarn has a nice soft, slightly stretchy finish. It is 87% cotton and 13% polymide and it is just a double rib stitch so knit two, purl two. Five tassels on each end, I found my crochet hook came in very handy pulling the yarn through.

I am sure there will be another update on scarf-gate as I work my way through the yarn and work out what I am going to do with all of the scarves. Not many people are thinking about scarves at the end of June during a heatwave!!

Does anyone have any quick fixes for a sunburnt nose? I am at a posh frock event tomorrow…


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