Happy Blog Day 🎂

Happy Blog Day to me, happy blog day dear Jane 🍷

My little blog is 6 months old. Said blog was actually opened on 4 June with the natty little post that WordPress gave me. But my first post “A fresh start” was on the seventh.

The first picture that I uploaded!

I have been wearing that sweater quite a lot recently. Nice and warm and comfy. Not sure colour is really me but design is great. Might make myself another one in a more flattering colour. Why did I make myself a sweater in a colour that wasn’t really me, well I had the yarn knocking around and didn’t want it to go to waste!!!

Anyway back to my Blog Day. The last six months have been fab. I have loved reading everyone’s posts. You are all so talented ♡♡♡

And having to put posts together has kept me on task because let’s face it we have to have something to post about. I have wanted to do a Christmas stall for a long time and thanks to blogging I did one.

It has been a fun six months, here’s to the next six 🍾🍾🍾


16 thoughts on “SELF-HELP #18

    1. Oh it is definitely a work sweater! I am out and about all the time – it keeps the warmth in and as you rightly pointed out, it doesn’t show the dirt. Yay♡
      I was really happy with the Christmas stall, I made some money and have space for more yarn – double wammy! !!

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  1. Love the jumper.
    The pattern seems really familiar to me, but haven’t bought prima for donkeys years and can’t for the life of me think why it’s so familiar!
    Oh well, I’ll put it down as another of life’s unsolved mysteries. Lol

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