It’s so quiet. ..

I had the day off yesterday back to work at 5pm today for another 24 hour shift. Got the lawn mown yesterday and I did a 40 minute walk yesterday and today. I have said hello to everyone I have passed. My theory being some of these people may live on their own and if they are only allowed out once they might need a little chat. Mainly older ladies who have developed conversation beyond hello, lovely day 🌞

And that is the thing the weather is beautiful and it is so peaceful. The slower pace of life has a sort of holiday feel AND then you remember we are here because people are becoming so poorly or worse. 😷

My garden, still some clearing up to do after the floods!!!

We all clapped for the NHS last night. We all came together but not together which was very special. The sound of the clapping echoed across the river.

I have picked up the little jacket that I am making for N’s granddaughter who is due at the beginning of April. We will miss those first few weeks as we will not be able to visit πŸ˜₯

The pink is more salmony. Working in double moss stitch which makes a change.

I have been taking my knitting outside to enjoy the sunshine while I can. I am not a sun worshipper but believe a bit of UV does us good and so many do not have this opportunity at the moment.

Please keep safe 🌈

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


12 thoughts on “SELF-HELP #27

  1. yep life does seem slower, until we see health workers and other essential workers working their little socks off to keep things going!
    Lovely knitting for baby – hope mum to be isn’t too stressed.

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    1. Thank you. Working in social care I have I’D allowing me out and about but it has been so nice spending last 36 hours at home. Mum to be obviously worried. First baby worries plus COVID-19 and living away from parents 😷

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      1. you’re one of the workers helping to keep the world ticking over! and yes, I do feel for women about to give birth this year. What a world to bring a baby into, eh?

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  2. Wrapping you in much <3, Janie. Your jacket for the little one is so pretty. The clapping echoed across the river here too, with the cheers and a few fireworks. I was moved to tears. Onwards…. ❀

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  3. The applause for the NHS made news here in the States – and the way it was presented moved me to tears. Will this convince our government that national health is important?

    Keep knitting – wrap that baby in love!

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