Or March Madness…

Apologies that this is a few days late but I have been working but have a day off today – what bliss. And the sun is out so I have done a bit of knitting Al fresco!!!

So little traffic 😊

March has been a mad month. First waiting for the river to go down and then the clearing up. Then COVID-19 and having to stay at home unless absolutely necessary – work, groceries, exercise, medicine, care of the vulnerable. Lots of pictures of worn out dogs on social media. Some of them have never been for so many walks 🐢🐢🐢

Knitting has been somewhat sluggish during March and mainly for a new baby who is due over the next few days.

So quite a lot unfinished and that doesn’t even include WIPs that I haven’t even touched this month.

Grey and pink cardi with matching beret complete;

Baby blanket over half finished and my go to piece at home as the repetitive nature of the pattern suits my mood;

Salmon pink cardi and matching hat, the hat is finished but the cardi needs assembling and finishing;

An ombre scarf, this is at work and what I pick up at night.

Hopefully April won’t bring too many showers but will bring back my knitting powers 🌦🌦🌦

Stay safe 🌈

And woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


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