Some frogging was needed 😮

I have completed half the squares for the nautical blanket – yay! I started on the intarsia square on the last evening of my hols.

It should be a neutral background with a navy anchor. Have to admit I have never really got to grips with this type of colour work. I much prefer to weave in the colours on the reverse as I find myself having to sew up holes when I am sewing in my ends 🤔

As can be seen from the above photo I haven’t got that far into the square, it has curled up and I had a real tangle of yarn and guess what I made a mistake and hadn’t noticed for four rows. Normally I would carefully unpick each row until I had worked my way back to the mistake but the yarn was in such a robble that I made the decision that it all had to go 🙄

I now have half a dozen little balls of yarn, all neatly wound up. I have bought the next issue today and the next squares are single colour – one cabled the other a bit lacy. I am going to put off the intarsia for a while 😉

I hope that your holiday projects are going better than mine?

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


13 thoughts on “LKKNITALONG – DOOM AND GLOOM!!!

  1. I really like the light blue square – very nice pattern. Sometimes we just have
    to stop a project for awhile (put it in ‘time out’ so to speak). I’m almost done
    knitting a rather complicated baby blanket. When I had knit a good 2 feet I
    was ready to just unravel it all and give up. A good friend was quite distressed
    that I would consider doing that – so I just put it aside for a few days. That
    helped. Perhaps knitting the next ‘single color’ square will help you get your
    knitting “MOJO” back! Best wishes!

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  2. It’s been a while since I knitted an intarsia item. I find that it requires a certain kind of design to get the best out of this technique. I stick with stranded knitting where color is needed.

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