Being mindful in a muddle…

I believe those of us who knit have such an advantage in these uncertain times. An hour or so knitting before bedtime certainly clears the fog in my brain that has built up during the day. The night before last, for one reason or another, I ran out of time and didn’t manage a single stitch before bedtime and what a rotten night’s sleep or lack of sleep I had. I tossed and turned with all the trials and tribulations of the day running through my head. I went to work on auto-pilot yesterday. I had a good night last night – down to the hour and a half knitting beforehand but still feel a bit drained from the night before 😴

I am working on the chunky cardi. The back and left side are complete and I have just placed the pocket on the right front. Love this stitch sequence worked over ten rows, not too complicated but just enough to keep rhe mind occupied. And the chunky yarn knits up so quickly πŸ˜‰

But like so many of you I like to have a few projects on the go – the pink Guernsey is ready to be sewn up so that has been put to one side for the moment and the KAL tends to be done at work as small and slips in my bag – so I have been looking around for something else to do.

The pattern is for a cowl but the sequence worked involves knotting pieces of work together. Lots of holding stitches on needles or holders and cable needle so I could get in a right pickle but nothing ventured nothing gainedπŸ€”

And added bonus you need to have a couple of extra small balls of wool to join in on your work so I have spent an hour this morning on a tangle from my stash and not or knot to worry if I couldn’t undo the mess I could use the scissors πŸ€— although I will not enjoy sewing in all the ends if I complete it. But yarn from the stash bag so no extra expense!!!

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


12 thoughts on “SELF-HELP #36

  1. Sometimes, late at night, when I am really having trouble falling asleep I start
    envisioning knitting – just plain knit stitches but the effect of just relaxing into
    knitting usually does the trick & I’m asleep! (Hope you get back to a good
    night’s sleep very quickly!)

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  2. I am down to two wips. I have a sock and a poncho. Both have quite a bit of work to be done. I am tempted to cast on for a cowl, but haven’t found the right one. I have to go diving in my stash.

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  3. I haven’t noticed it affecting my sleep but I do get cranky when I am unable to get some stitches in through the day! I have a friend making a scarf with the cables and braids. It looks like fun and is a great looking scarf 🧣

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  4. Nice pattern on that jumper. I agree, a few rows help me unwind at times. However, if I’m too wound up, say after cross words, then my knitting goes wrong and I get more wound up when I have to right it!

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      1. So frustrating having to rip things back and reknit them. However, better than my behaviour in the past – when I’ve gone wrong I’ve put the project aside for years!

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