The Severn is in the garden again!

I sat on that bench to drink coffee last Saturday!

Bewdley bridge built by Thomas Telford back in the day is closed to traffic for obvious reasons!

The flood defences are being defended!

And look at my garden!

The river is due to peak here in Bewdley late tomorrow night or early Sunday morning. And they are currently saying that the river will be higher than it was last February 😣

Time to dig out the wellies again.

Soggy wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡

31 thoughts on “AND HERE WE GO AGAIN!

      1. The little shops should be fine. The breach occurs my side of the river where a number of little cottages have only just dried out and been sorted from last February. That’s the tragedy 😒

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    1. Not every year as a rule but it happened last February so something to get used to. We have flood barriers but the one section needs replacing. The wellies will be out for a long time because of all the mud left behind 😕

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  1. UGH!! So sorry to see this. We had a very large flood here in 2008 (because we get a lot of snow and didn’t have a mid winter thaw which helps it not to flood in the spring) and it flooded 5 miles on each side of the river. There was a Dairy Queen (ice cream business) that was close to the river that was covered over the roof of the building. Floods are not fun! Hope it goes down soon!

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