Happy 14th February

Saint Valentine was a Roman priest in the 3rd or 4th century (depending which source you go to) who liked to marry couples even if he wasn’t supposed to. He was martyred for his cause.

And below is my first photograph

Woolly wishes,

Jane ❤️


13 thoughts on “Happy 14th February

      1. I get that. My husband and I go to the store, pick out cards for each other, read them dramatically out loud, put them back and go home. You should see us when we get to the cards from the dog! hahahaha!!

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  1. Ummm – What is the issue with St. V.? I don’t think I’ve met that before. Or is it just because he was a “saint”? And I doubt it’s warmer here than there, still well below freezing, although a bit warmer than it’s been lately.

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