Very little yarn craft ….

I have been absent from these pages for a week or two. Work has been horribly busy and I have hardly had a chance to click my needles together and I have to admit to missing the benefits.

I have made this storeage basket.

It’s a very chunky yarn that I bought from Aldi a couple of years ago and a size 10mm hook. I have actually managed to hook this in the round. I think the thicker yarn and hence bigger stitches helped me with my counting. I made it up as I went along but ended up with 96 stitches.

It’s going to be a toy basket. Tyson the tiger looks quite comfy in it.

Hoping that the next week or two will be less hectic and I can get a bit done on my nephew’s cable aran.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


18 thoughts on “AWOL

  1. Really cute!!! I have taken a hiatus from knitting myself. I was missing it so I pulled one of the 3 sweaters I have almost finished out of the closet to work on. *sigh* After 3 attempts to get my sleeves going right I shoved it back in the closet with the others. Perhaps I need a couple of quick and easy projects to get me going again?

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  2. My dear friend: a close friend of mine once sent me this ‘saying’
    What I have, is enough
    What I am, is enough
    What I do, is enough
    What I’ve achieved, is enough.

    You DO a LOT regularly and we are all very happy to see your progress on various projects. Do what you can WHEN you can – we’re just here to enjoy YOU! Hugs!

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    1. Thank you Pam. I use my crafting to de-stress and I think that is what I have missed over past couple of weeks. Thank you for sharing your friends saying we often forget what is important ❤️


  3. I love that basket. I bought one like it as part of fundraising. I like it to store all my balls of Fixation yarn since that’s my go to yarn for a quick pair of socks/anklets. Yours is very cute with the bright pink edge.

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