Gosh what a lot of rain ☔☔☔

I have just read through my May posts as my brain seems to be a bit of a blank as to May mayhem!

On the whole I had quite a productive month and finally finished the cable knit WIP WIP HOORAY! But that means I am on the look out for a new project to get my teeth into😄

I’m still interested in bags and storeage which has been a fun way to improve my stitch knowledge. My efforts have been quite organic as I have been making the shape up as I go along so I only need to concentrate on the stitches – very mindful!

A string thing!

And I am still making woolly covers for jam and pickle jars to turn them into attractive desk tidies 😉

Mustard and aubergine repurposed jars!

And my really exciting news I have some of my items are for sale at a local craft hub HS ART 😊

So the new month sees me on the look out for a new project…

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


18 thoughts on “WINDING UP MAY

      1. Must have taken a while to make these bags. But they are more sturdy than the cheap ones you find in shops. Have you ever thought of making macramé shopping bags? You only need wooden handles and string.

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  1. My Mom was just telling me that mustard used to come in a glass jar and she liked it better! It doesn’t here really anymore in the US. We have squeeze jars. I think I may have seen some homemade mustard like at a farm stand once.

    I honestly didn’t know what aubergine was. I had to Google it. We call it “eggplant” in the US.😅

    So is it pickled “aubergine” in a jar?

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    1. Mustard and aubergine are just the colours of the yarn, sorry for the confusion. Wish I was up to pickling aubergines (or even eggplant) and I’m with your mum, mustard is much better out of a glass jar and happily that’s still how we buy it over here ☺️

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      1. Oh! I was thinking that they sold eggplant in jars over there. 😅 Are aubergine and eggplant two difference things? Google sad it was eggplant.

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  2. Would you like one of the projects in my queue?!? I have enough for the rest of my life! And people keep making requests, which means I don’t get to the older ones.

    In Vermont, I can easily find mustard in glass jars; I don’t buy plastic unless there’s no choice.

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      1. I do see little jars.🙂
        My Mom said they were big glass jars like the size mayonnaise comes in of yellow mustard.

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  3. Love your mash bags! Perfect for taking to the market for produce! Love your colors, too. Funny you should post them as my next knitting project is going to be a Market Bag! I am hoping to get the yarn caked today.
    And your jar cozies are perfect for dressing up any jar. Love them!

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