Feline fun and frolics….

August hasn’t been the most productive month due to the arrival of the little tyrant

I’m sure she hasn’t noticed I’ve purloined this!

My blanket WIPS are still works in progress because there is just too much work to protect and the needles drive him wild!

I have managed a few bags on my hook which doesn’t drive him to distraction and there is only a small amount of work to protect! But look what I found in his basket…

Casually taken from the shelf after knocking my pom pom makers on the floor!

So I am busily hiding things around the houseπŸ˜‰

On a brighter note Lucia the camper has finally had her brakes sorted. They were ordered from Germany and then got stuck in customs only to be the wrong ones. Finally sourced some from Italy 😎

So bring on September and let the good times roll!

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


22 thoughts on “WINDING UP AUGUST

  1. Cats will definitely keep you on your toes! Our female is constantly stealing things – the other day it was my ink pen which she had placed in my bedroom slipper. If you don’t play with her when SHE wants, she will start yowling and even bring toys & drop them on you as if to say: “Hey! You! PLAY WITH ME!!!” Have a great weekend!

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  2. I’m going to ask the same question: does the little tyrant have a name?
    We’ve got 3 cats and one of them, Le Bleu always settles on my lap when I’m xstitching, crocheting or knitting. He sometimes tries to attack the ends of my knitting needles, but (aged 13) he has learned to keep still & not play with things, if he doesn’t want me pushing him away.

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  3. He’s cute! Very catty – it’s wonderful. The two I have never played with yarn, so I didn’t have to teach them not to to prevent yarn-belly. But one will steal my socks and the other will open the fridge to see if I have any shrimp or tuna (it’s child proof because of it). One will shout when she’s caught the stuffed toy and present the prey and the other will shout from the bathtub until the water is turned on. They’ll both lie innocent like Maro and invite to belly-rub. 12 weeks? Nope 12 years and still angels. Just like Maro πŸ˜‰

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      1. Good to know I’m not the only yarn enthusiast struggling πŸ˜€
        She (Vivi) is a 4 month old maine coon who has far more energy than I’m used to dealing with (had plenty of cats but never a kitten before) and is already quite big and smart and so nowhere in the house is safe from her antics!

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      2. Maro is 3 months old quite small, his mum was a very small cat, but so quick. I went to collect my son from school an hour early the other day so that I could sit in the car and knit in peace 🐱

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      3. The things we took for granted before kittens entered our lives!
        I’m almost afraid to leave my kitten alone for that long – I don’t even want to think of the amount of things she’d steal and hide under the bed!

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