I’ve always fancied the idea of wearing a beret but have never managed to pull it off😪

I found this yarn

Now this yarn says it’s made from recycled ♻️ bottles so I thought I would see what I could do with it. It seemed quite bulky for dk so I took time on working out my tension and then had a go at making a beret. After lots of knitting and lots of frogging and then more knitting I came up with this:

My tension was done in stocking stitch, I probably should have done a swatch in rib as well as it is a bit loose or my head isn’t as big as I thought it was🤣

I have quite enjoyed working on something from scratch and I am gearing up to work on the rib to improve the fit. I’m intrigued to know how all those water and pop bottles were turned into yarn though 🤔 I would hope it would keep your head dry as its all plastic☔️

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


20 thoughts on “BOTTLE TOP

  1. Looks good, Jane. I’m using a Scheepjes yarn right now that is 50% recycled bottles. It feels nice and it’s quite thick, aran veering to chunky. I bought it at Wool Warehouse.

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      1. Presumably they just melt them down to make a liquid then extrude it into fibre the same way they make other synthetic yarns?

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  2. That hat will never decompose. LOL. It can be passed down through countless generations. You will be greatly admired! (Dang. I sound like a fortune cookie fortune teller.) I’ve just added a beret to my learn-how list.

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  3. I understand that the plastic bottles are sorted by color, chipped into small pieces, washed, and then melted down and extruded into fiber from which yarn and fabric are made. It really is quite amazing how all that recycled plastic can form into our yarn, batting(wadding), and fabric.

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