Another winter walk and a surprise gift 😊

The paths were very muddy this morning when I went on my walk. The cows and rather cute calves had had their breakfast and had moved further into the field to graze. Not sure where the sheep were hiding. No herons or kestrels today. Even the gulls were noticeable by their absence. However, the sky was blue and the air was fresh and I feel so much better for getting out.

And on my return look what the postie had dropped off

It was my birthday at the weekend and this was a gift from my sister. A great bag to pack knitting clutter in (N says it’s not big enough!!!) and a new mug for my favourite brew😉

Not sure about “crazy knitting lady” though 🤔

And on the knitting front I am on the final sleeve – the end is in sight! A bit of show and tell soon!

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


A winter walk 🌫🌫🌫

The big announcement that most of us were expecting was made last night – another lockdown to contain and control COVID!

I have worked from home today doing admin. Not one of my strong points!! However I did take a break at lunch time for a walk. I didn’t want to leave it until I had finished because it would be dark and very cold.

The river is slowly going down.

The gulls are all lined up on the riverside railings. I don’t know if that means that the weather is bad on the coast or that they are too well-fed inland? Probably the latter!!! I lived in Morecambe (an English seaside town) when I was a student and this reminds me of Morecambe in the winter, no one around and lots of gulls waiting for some unsuspecting soul to get takeaway fish and chips😮

Finally I had a walk around Jubilee Gardens and just look at this rose in winter – very Beauty and the Beast!

So a bit more admin and then I can get back to my knitting. Still plodding on with my Christmas knits, so tempting to start something new – I really do have the attention span of a gnat – but if I do the Christmas gifts will be written off until next year so plod on Jane 😄

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


The scarf that never lets me down!

It’s quite chilly here at the moment and we keep having the odd flurry of snow, happily after last week they haven’t amounted to much ☃

Walked into town this morning to get some fresh air and pick up a newspaper.

I took this photo to show off my scarf. It must be 20 years old. My much younger sister made it for me when she was still at school. She does more reading these days than knitting, check out ladybookdragon.

Such a shame!

Look at this scarf, isnt it fab? Worked in garter stitch with 4 little tassels at the corners. I understand she got bored of making them 😂

But it keeps me nice and snug.

Who else has a favourite gift that has stood the test of time?

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


An empty Christmas stocking…

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day. It was very quiet here and the river is going down a bit. However there is more rain on the horizon so no doubt it will go up again 🌨

I have had a lot of lovely gifts.

I have a very pretty felted garland and hand felted soap, all from the Welsh Woolshed – must look them up in the new year.

And a mini knitting kit from Santa 🎅

A little cup cosy, that will make for a pleasant evening in the new year.

Still battling on with my Christmas knitting. A couple of my gifts will be arriving in the new year.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡

Stash-busting #4

Those unfinished projects…

Digging through a stash bag I have found a number of WIPs that have been long forgotten. I have already photographed a couple but here is the story behind them.

A couple of weeks ago I was showing off some baby booties and mitts that I had made using some oddments of pink yarn. Sadly I found the unfinished baby blanket that it came from. However there was also a jersey, again unfinished, that I had been using the same yarn on. I finished the jersey.

♡ quite cute I thought♡

And happily there was some yarn left. I only had a border to finish on the blanket so I used the remnants of the jersey yarn.

Having held it up in natural light I cannot see a discernible difference in the colour so I must have bought the yarn at the same time because the dye seems to match… Phew!!

The little jersey I am going to give to the little girl who was the recipient of the booties and mitts. The blanket will be kept until needed. I did wonder about making another one in blue, just in case but that would mean buying more wool.

I have dug out some half-finished socks and some mittens which are next on my to do list. Happily I haven’t been dipping into the yarn this time ♡♡♡

Self-help #3

A sunny day!

The sun is out today, it feels like the first time this year. A little sunshine really gives me a lift.

Managed to get a handful of strawberries out of my garden for my breakfast. They taste so much nicer straight off the plant. I have not enjoyed this treat often this year due to the rain. Strawberries and kitchen herbs are the only foods I grow in my garden.

Yoga this morning. A few sun salutations, I hope they work and the good weather continues. I always feel ready to take on the world after practice. Head clear and body tingling.

I am also feeling uplifted from giving. I have woven in the ends of the baby blanket and packed it up with the booties and mitts and passed it on to a friend who has just had a beautiful little girl. There is a lot to be said about the power of gifting.

So back to my stash to work my way through my clutter.