Secret Santa πŸŽ…

My partner needs a Secret Santa gift for work.

Costing a fiver.

For a lady non-drinker.

He is at a loss….

I have put the following together for him. I hope she likes it?

If it’s handmade it doesn’t count towards the fiver…….

Yo ho ho!!!


15 thoughts on “SELF-HELP #17

  1. Looks good to me! We had a Secret Santa thing at our work’s Christmas party on Sunday. It’s a fabric store, so many of the gifts were hand made.

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  2. Sorry, don’t know why it’s giving my username as β€˜lying’, it must be a predictive text mistake – it should be Lynsey!

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  3. Nice gift! I once had to get a Secret Santa gift for a new staff member that I hardly knew. I ended up buying an inexpensive coffee mug, filling it with sweets and crocheting a mug cozy.

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