The scarf that never lets me down!

It’s quite chilly here at the moment and we keep having the odd flurry of snow, happily after last week they haven’t amounted to much ☃

Walked into town this morning to get some fresh air and pick up a newspaper.

I took this photo to show off my scarf. It must be 20 years old. My much younger sister made it for me when she was still at school. She does more reading these days than knitting, check out ladybookdragon.

Such a shame!

Look at this scarf, isnt it fab? Worked in garter stitch with 4 little tassels at the corners. I understand she got bored of making them 😂

But it keeps me nice and snug.

Who else has a favourite gift that has stood the test of time?

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


17 thoughts on “A FAVOURITE GIFT

  1. Sister and brother-in-law give the best gifts – I’m still wearing winter boots they gave me years ago, and they have given me a blow pipe to start fires with – good looking and functional.

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  2. This is gorgeous!! When I was 16, my grandmother made me a scarf, out of sock yarn. I had asked her to make it as long as possible and I think two or maybe three balls went into it – it’s hudge! I can wrap it thrice and there is still a lot of scarf hanging down.

    I still have this scarf. My grandmother has knit a lot of things for me and us in general, but the scarf might be my favourite.

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  3. my MIL crocheted me a gorgeous cardie probably about 20 years ago. I didn’t wear it often at first because it was “too nice” and I only kept it for special occasions ^^ I still have it and it’s one of my favourite cardigans for keeping warm indoors in the winter.

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