SELF-HELP IN 2021 #4

A walk and a squalk….

Or rather a hiss!!!

A very cross goose!!!

I walked into Bewdley for some fresh air, exercise and some milk (I don’t even drink the stuff!) and I came across the goslings. I tried to get close enough for a picture of a scruffy but nonetheless cute gosling but sadly I incurred the wrath of the adults 😶

Calming down with a cup of tea I am about to sew up the raglan parts of the cable knit for my nephew so that I can do the neck – yes still a little bit of knitting left. Apologies just this progress report, no photo.

Wishing you all a wonderful woolly weekend.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡

SELF-HELP IN 2021 #3

I don’t appear to be helping myself much….

A couple of days ago I went for a good long walk through Bewdley, across the fields to Ribbesford and then back along the river home. It was a bit blowy but great to get some fresh air. Passing the Old Grammar School I had to take a picture of some flowers arranged by the Guides for Bewdley in Bloom.

I wonder if there is still a flower arranging badge? There was in my day but I could never aspire to it😄

We have goslings on the river as well. Very cute but the parents are very protective so no chance of getting a close-up let alone a selfie with them 😏

Strange how no one is sitting here???

Now I walked into town today to get some bread and got soaked, it was hammering down with rain. The geese and goslings were on the same patch of grass. Well all except one little gosling. Bless him he was trying to work his way up the steps but they were much bigger than him. His mum was having a right go! But for my healthy respect of the adult geese I would have gone down and given the poor guy a hand. Happily on my way back he was with the rest of the family tearing up grass with his beak 😊

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


another winter walk…

Not a serious walk today. Just an amble round Bewdley and a coffee by the river. So good to get some fresh air and feel sunshine on my face.

Look at the blue blue sky reflected in the lily pond in Jubilee Gardens. A day when it feels good to be alive.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ❤️❤️❤️


Another winter walk

A very muddy walk yesterday but frosty and crisp today. Sadly the sheep wouldn’t come closer to the fence for a close up🤔

The sheep are the only woolly things I am showing as I am still plodding on with the Christmas knitting and the recipients read this from time to time. But hopefully I will have something to show next weekend😆

Anyway back to my walk. Lovely crisp morning. As well as the usual swans, geese and ducks I saw a heron on the river bank. Sadly he flew away before I had taken my gloves off and got my phone out to take a photo. There was a bird of prey, a kestrel I think, near the sheep but he was camera shy🙄

And then there were the cows and calves having breakfast. Very cute calves.

I think this one’s mum was checking he had been cleaning behind his ears 😉

Home now. Time for a nice cup of tea and do a bit of housework. Hope you all have a nice relaxing Sunday.

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡