The WIPs are piling up…

Instead of finishing things I appear to be starting new things.

Current WIP list:

– baby blanket

– child’s hat (awaiting pom pom)

– child’s mittens

– 2 x wrist warmers

– scarf (scarf-gate continues)

– Christmas stocking

– pullover

I get so excited about a new project and put everything into it until something else comes along. Concentration span of a gnat, sadly not the work ethic of an ant, so easily distracted!!! 🐜🐜🐜

13 thoughts on “STASH-BUSTING #10

  1. It’s fun to have a variety of things to work on. But prioritise the ones that have a deadline. None of mine has a deadline, thankfully!!

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  2. I know exactly how you feel. I am overwhelmed with the number of knitting and cross stitch projects I have going. So I am trying to be good and not start anymore – even though I have started a new crochet project. It is so hard to resist so many beautiful patterns and yarns and fabrics, isn’t it? I love your pile of projects πŸ™‚

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  3. I only allow myself 4 working projects (one is always a hat and one is always a dishcloth for stress free knitting and easy to carry along), I have had 5 but that stresses the heck out of me. If I want to do a new one, I have to finish or rip one of the two remaining ones out, ripping rarely happens.I have had one sit in time out long enough that I had to rip it out tho’, a child’s sweater I had made some changes to and when I went back to it I couldn’t remember what changes I had made lol.

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      1. hehe, it’s not discipline, it’s to keep my stress and anxiety down, which is what having to many open ended projects going does, much like being late to work or a doctors appt :P.

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  4. My pile is double that – oops! Quite agree, attention span of a gnat (at times!) though perhaps we could also so attitude of a worker bee ….. trying to ‘be’ positive !

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