Who would have thought that I would get 30 posts out of my stash?

Still knitting for the warm baby project.

I posted 12 little hats last month and have since been on incubator blankets.

That is one check effect (blue, in the middle) completed, another check effect half complete (yellow) and a ladder effect half complete (again in blue). I got bored with the check effect which is why I now have 2 on the go – attention span of a gnat.

I have also been making little hearts with the intention of making another heart garland but I keep giving individual ones away with a little message attached so my second garland is a long way off πŸ€”

If you look closely there is a strawberry!
A few cherries on the way!
Just for fun a chicken guarding the strawberries πŸ“

The garden is starting to look a bit tidier and starting to fruit. I usually do quite well for strawberries (touch wood) but the birds always manage to scoff the cherries, perhaps the chicken should be guarding the Cherry Tree?

Hope things are fruitful with you all,

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘

19 thoughts on “STASH-BUSTING #30

    1. Thank you. When knitting finished it will be sent to “the warm baby project” when the fruit is ready it will be a race between me and the birds! And as they are awake before me they will probably win 😝


      1. That is exactly the case for me, too. Last year we had not a single plum left. The birds pecked some plums and as a result the other plums were rotting away, before we could havest them. The solutions could be to get old or second hand net curtain and cover the fruit plants or trees. I saw that some of our neighbours are doing this.

        Good luck🐞

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  1. I love the blankets and hearts. I think giving a heart with a little note is a great idea. Nothing wrong with that! It is a sweet use of your knitting. πŸ’œ I actually love your charitable acts with the hats and now blankets. Keep up the great work. People like you are special!

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