Frogging is the order of the day🐸

Just as I was congratulating myself on only 5 squares to go I have spotted a boo boo πŸ˜•

The Crest of a wave square

This sequence is worked over 12 rows and I have worked it over 14 rows on the fourth sequence 😌 That will teach me to do an extra few rows before bedtime πŸ€” So I will be starting my day with a bit of frogging. At least it wasn’t the first sequence….

But before that a nice cup of tea. A good strong builders brew to set me up for the trials and tribulations of the new day.

Hope your day has started better than mine?

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘



  1. I had a great start to the day. I have to seam the arms on a cardigan, weave a few ends in and block. I am so happy to finally have a FO to share. This is the sweater I wrote about in one of my latest blog posts. It was frogged multiple times because my cognition was affected by Lyme. I stuck with it and it is nearing the finish line!

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  2. I’ve been busy all week helping my Dad prepare his garage for concrete. But it’s raining today so I’m going into town to get some things, and maybe check out the Dollar Tree store to see if they have any close out yarns in stock. Also tonight is my last day of work. So looking forward to today!

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  3. it’s pouring rain here, but I had to get a new battery and a headlight bulb replaced and run other errands. Now I can go home and knit, which is the only real activity to consider in this weather! Under a cat, of course.

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