Instagram lessons? ??

Not really in the mood to get stuck into anything major at the moment so I made this little hedgehog from one of the many kits littering my houseπŸ—

And I feel I have to let people know that as it was Burns Night on Monday we had haggis for tea on Tuesday (I was at work on Monday). Now I am sure most of you know it was Burn’s night and no one is really interested in what we had for tea but here comes the point of the story.

As we were finishing the haggis B announced he hadn’t realised that the haggis was actually an animal! N and I looked at him aghast! When we had recovered the power of speech we explained that it was made from offal and barley and that in the past it was wrapped up in a sheep’s stomach etc. But apparently B had read on instagram that it was an animal 😲

My hedgehog pretending to be a haggis running around in the heather! !!

Since then I can’t get ideas of what a haggis might look like in the wild?

Exasperated woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘



  1. I’ve told my adult children that Haggis were little fluffy creatures that ran wild in the hills of Scotland. They believed me for a very long time. When my oldest daughter moved to Glasgow she sent my grandson a toy Haggis. Recently she found a picture of long haired Haggis. My grandson said the photos were wrong because his Haggis has short hair. We told him the ones in the picture had their winter coat on and his is in its summer coat. He accepted that 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

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  2. Oh gosh the wild haggis of Scotland was always a joke at our high school. It wore tartan and it’s left legs were shorter than its right so it could only stand on hills one way. When spooked it would fall off the hillside making a moaning bagpipe noise to scare off the predator.

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      1. Ooh that sounds tasty 😁 There is an old-fashioned sweetie shop in Bewdley, sadly closed at the moment due to the Lockdown, apparently sweets (candy) are not essential!!! That is a matter of opinion πŸ€”

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  3. That is hilarious! I didn’t know it was Burns night, being in the US, but I knew about haggis from a reading lesson about unusual foods (sorry) when I was teaching middle school English learners. 😬 I think I’d rather believe haggis are animals myself…πŸ€”

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      1. When I used to crochet finger puppets for my students they would ask for all different animals. One boy asked for a wolverine, which took me forever to find a photo of and crochet what I thought was a good enough likeness. The kids were surprised when I showed them my β€œreference photo” because they didn’t know wolverines were real animals. 🀣

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  4. Haha as an American, I’m not quite sure what haggis is (something I’ve heard of but never quite knew). I’m looking at the Wikipedia definition and am still a little confused (googles ::sheep’s pluck::)

    The hedgehog is sooooo cute!!

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  5. I’m glad I went back to this post, and read it after so many had commented! It’s my laugh of the day. I don’t do social media beyond the blogosphere, so I miss a lot, I guess – Oh, well! Did you catch the hedgehog mittens I made for a granddaughter last year? Fun.

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    1. I am trying to recall the mittens, they do sound rather fun. I will have s look when I get home. Have to admit my knowledge of social media relies on the howlers my son comes out with. I then have to ask my sister who tells me what is doing the rounds 🀭

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