Where has the time gone…

I have had a few more months not doing much on the Woolly Wednesday front. Only a couple of posts and not too much woolly work.

Here I am with my little helper!

Our little cat is growing and is getting better when the knitting comes out thanks to a few spritzes πŸ˜‰

I have given up my shelf in the shop because I just haven’t had the time to keep my stock up. I did do a stall at a local church hall last week which was fun and I made a few sales. Still get a buzz when people want to buy something that I have made ❀

Planning to be a lot more organised and motivated in December. I might even pay attention to WordPress reminders to post something. Really don’t know why I set them because all I do is ignore them πŸ€”

Hoping you are all better prepared than I am for the forthcoming holidays.

Woolly wishes,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘



  1. I have three cat, all I can do is secure all my knitting projects, yarn and such or it ends up in a total mess πŸ™‚ They could understand that they can come on my lap when I knit but not fiddle with yarn, but they cannot do it for too long ! Have a nice end of year 😺🌞

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  2. Got to follow your own internal seasons, and this isn’t your season for writing a lot on your blog. The nice thing is, no matter how long you leave it, a blog just sits patiently by until you’re ready to play with it again.

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    1. He’s transfixed and sometimes he will very sneakily grab the yarn and run off with it. Sadly it’s so funny I can’t help laughing which probably doesn’t help. He’s turning into a bit of a show off πŸ€”

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  3. Nice to read a few sales have made you smile. I have been a little slack on the postings and also the craftings too. Sometimes something else just takes priority or even nothing takes priority. As long as you still have needles and yarn somewhere, even if the yarn is just looking pretty as a ball or skein, the knitter will always be within you. As for being a cat parent – now that’s rewarding – look how they love to join in! My two sit near by when I have needles out, a little tap on their nose when they were kittens installed in them that it’s Mum’s stuff and they can admire but not touch!

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  4. I know what you mean about the reminders. Sometimes I’ll set up Google Calendar to give me reminders for things and I end up just deleting and ignoring! Motivation goes in cycles, I find, as does the inspiration to delve into different crafts. Thankfully I am not doing it as a business so it doesn’t matter how much or how little I produce. Take care. Have a warm woolly December and a lovely Christmas.

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    1. Thank you Nicola. I need to work out how to cancel the reminders and my motivation will return with the longer days. Always so dreary this time of year. Hope you have a lovely Christmas too πŸŽ…


  5. I can’t imagine being nagged by WordPress to post something! Either I’m inspired to post something, or I’m not – if there’s nothing worth saying, or no photos worthy of posting, why do It???

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  6. LOL about your cat “helper”. My little black and white cat has never been interested in knitting for which I am very grateful. She’ll occasionally bat at the yarn if it gets dragged across her but as long as she has a lap to sleep on she’s content to just do that (she’s also not a youngster which helps!). Enjoy the holiday season!

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  7. Welcome back to the blogo-sphere. I’ve been very remiss lately and will acquire a bit more enthusiasm in the New Year (possibly) πŸ™‚ . I wouldn’t worry too much about the whole holiday preparation thing – I am increasingly astounded at the level of kerfuffle that some people go to for Christmas.

    Your little cat is adorable – she is so cute and at least allows you to get some crafting done. I spy cricket books in the background – we have shelves of them here. πŸ™‚

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  8. My cats don’t do anything like this and never did, so I enjoy looking at your little Tux playing with you (I’m sure it’s meant that way :D). It makes me happy. Thank you for that

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  9. I can see why your Wooly progress is a little slow with that cute little guy nibbling on the end of your needles like that. He is very playful.
    My Christmas cards are finished and in the mail and the one gift that I knitted has been blocked, wrapped and sent on its way. Other than that and cross stitching a couple of ornaments, I haven’t done anything else for the holidays. I have been procrastinating turning the cross stitch into ornaments-that fear of cutting them and then screwing them up. Iam giving myself until the end of the weekend to get them done. And maybe get some decorating in, too. I hope you can get some decorating time in, too. I hear it will lift the spirits πŸ˜‰


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