On the road to recovery!

We were all set to spend the weekend at Stone Valley festival. Our camper was all loaded up. I had wine and knitting to last the weekend and we set off.

We got half an hour up the road and broke down on a busy roundabout.

Our first rescuer moved us to a safe place. And then after some time it was taken to the garage where she sadly waits.

I am using the unexpected time at home to have a sort through my crafting clutter, I’d forgotten I had half of it 😉

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


14 thoughts on “CAMPER CAPERS…

    1. Helga timed it perfectly to cause the most inconvenience but hey if you are 50 you probably are a grumpy old lady😉 passers-by and other road users were really kind and supportive, thank you ❤


  1. Awwwwww – what a bummer! I ‘hear you’ on the sorting through yarn clutter; I’ve scheduled a Yarn Swap for my knit group Sept. 17th. We LOVE them – everyone brings any yarn/knit/crochet-related items & then we all go through it. See something you like? Take it! (last year was our biggest – 3 huge bags of yarn went to another knit group that creates for charities, another went to a teen group where they teach teens to knit, etc. Lots of fun – time for me to go through my ‘stash’.!

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    1. A yarn swap sounds like lots of fun but I would probably come home with more than I took 😉 but a great way for charity knitters to get fresh supplies! Keep up the good work 😊


  2. I was going to hit the “like” button – but breaking down and having to cancel plans? No, I can’t like that! So often it ends up expensive, as well. Sounds like you are putting the unplanned time to good use, though.

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    1. We are trying to see the funny side because it’s just too awful otherwise. Still our son has been away for the weekend so the house has been lovely and peaceful, another bonus ❤


  3. I recently did a clean out and reorganization of my craft room—it totally cleared up my creative mind at the same time and I’ve been getting so much more accomplished since then.
    Best wishes and hoping you’re back on the road again soon!

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