The big KNIT

I have started making little bobble hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles for their big Knit campaign

For every little hat Age UK gets 25p

They do provide a pattern or you can make up your own. A great way to use up those ends of yarn in your stash that there just isn’t enough to do anything else with.

The rugged manly look

The softer girlie look

Yes it is the same pattern for both. I have adapted a cabled egg cosy pattern for mine. Time to get knitting so that I have a few more to drop off to my local Age UK collection point. The website will tell you where yours is.

Knitting with purpose β™‘β™‘β™‘



Booties and bunting β™‘β™‘β™‘

An exhausting morning spent running errands and pulling up nettle roots..

A much nicer afternoon using up a few ends of yarn. I have made some baby bunting, it needs to be bigger for grown-up but these little triangles are still quite cute πŸ˜™

I have finished the booties that were on the WIP list as well so a well deserved glass of early evening wine🍷


Teeny-tiny β™‘β™‘β™‘

Not a great deal to show for my dabbling with needles and hooks this week. I have used up some ends of colour lots on these tiny cardies. I will take them to my local knit and natter group on Monday to pass on to the premature baby unit.

The funny little rocket is a children’s craft project at my local museum. I popped in with a colleague yesterday and we asked if we could have a go they were so sweet. So we have both painted a rocket tea-light holder. I plan to put mine in the garden but not until the bad winds have stopped. I don’t want it being blown over and broken! We spent the afternoon making pom poms, sadly I left them with her so don’t have any pictures to share.

A very childish day I know but fun β˜†β˜†β˜†


A good old rummage…

I am visiting nooks and crannies around the house that have been neglected for years. Hence …

A number of years ago I bought a load of cross-stitch kits to make my own Christmas cards. I remember doing a few and I remember the delight on parents’ faces on receiving them but, sadly, they were very time-consuming so the bulk of them were stuffed into a cupboard and forgotten about 😣. I have done a couple in the hot weather, good advice from Mildlygranola who suggested sewing was a more bearable craft during a heatwave 🌞.

On the WIP front I have nearly completed a baby blanket.

The interesting colour scheme is due to the fact that I am using ends of balls. Another 2 rows of trebles and a couple of rows of doubles to finish off β™‘β™‘β™‘

And of course…

there is another scarf on the go.

Clickety click best get knitting β™‘β™‘β™‘


Sticky needles 😑

Not much progress on the stash bag. It has been far too hot to wrestle with wool and needles so they have been cast aside for the last week or so. However, the weather broke yesterday so we had a joyous reunion!

Neglected olive hiding another scarf…

So I finished another scarf last night, just so that I could feel that buzz from having finished something. πŸ˜ƒ

Current WIPs:

  • Fingerless mittens x 2
  • Bed / wellie socks
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby booties

And that is just what I have dug out plus I have loads of cheap and cheerful yarn that I have done absolutely nothing with. πŸ€‘ I seem to have an awful lot of baby wool – all those good intentions that never materialised…

So back to working my way through it all…

Self-help #7

Sweaty Betty…

Not much crafting this week, like so many I have spent the week trying to keep cool. 35€c on Thursday, that really is not on in good old Blighty. I have spent my time downing gallons of water and avoiding direct sunlight. Hands have been far too sweaty to knit, I did not want to make my wool all grubby. How do you manage to craft in warmer climes?🌞🌞🌞

The weather has changed today, much cooler and some rain. I have been out walking in the rain, a neighbour advised be careful not to catch a chill but really it was sensational feeling the cool rain on my skin. 🌧🌧🌧

So feeling much-better hydrated I am ready to tackle my stash bag again!


Stash busting #3


Well I have finished the scarf but it has not made much of a dent on the stash!

I would have taken a selfie wearing it but I look a bit like a tomato, having got caught in the sun yesterday!!! But it looks just dandy on the pretty bird bath my aunt bought me.

As I said before I bought the wool from my local Aldi and the instructions said 450g required for the scarf on the inside of the ball band.

I have used 200g and I bought enough yarn to make 3 so at that rate I have enough to make 6 plus a stripey one with left over balls.. .

The wavy yarn has a nice soft, slightly stretchy finish. It is 87% cotton and 13% polymide and it is just a double rib stitch so knit two, purl two. Five tassels on each end, I found my crochet hook came in very handy pulling the yarn through.

I am sure there will be another update on scarf-gate as I work my way through the yarn and work out what I am going to do with all of the scarves. Not many people are thinking about scarves at the end of June during a heatwave!!

Does anyone have any quick fixes for a sunburnt nose? I am at a posh frock event tomorrow…


Small and cute

I cannot remember what I bought this wool for originally, something for a baby I am sure. Anyway I had just enough to make these little mitts and booties. Quite literally just enough!! I had to use cut off ends for sewing up.

So all ready for the next little girl and a little less in my stash…

A fresh start!

I have just finished a bigger project. Quite pleased with the results but the sleeves are a bit long for my little arms. Not that I have T Rex arms or anything but I should have measured sooner! Still I suppose they will keep my hands warm in the winter…

I am rather pleased with the cable detail in the yoke.

The pattern is a Debbie Bliss pattern that I found in a Prima magazine. I have used a Hayfield Aran weight wool/acrylic yarn which will make laundry more straight forward.

The pattern was quite straight forward to follow but it has taken me a while to complete, procrastination is a dreadful thing. Now it is complete I feel more motivated to start to create and work my way through my stash.

More about my stash in a day or two…