Pom pom joy…

Hats that need pom poms

My back is starting to feel a bit more like it so I have managed to start knitting again in short bursts. The Christmas knitting will be late this year but as the government cancelled Christmas yesterday I don’t suppose it will make too much difference πŸ˜₯

I have had a lovely afternoon watching the Royal Ballet The Nutcracker on an arts channel – Christmas starts with the Nutcracker. While watching the ballet I have been having fun making pom poms!

Love a nice round pom pom!

Not sure if I can rescue this one though, don’t think there will be much left if I start trimming it!

Rather lopsided!!!

Hopefully my posts will be less haphazard now I am more mobile.

Woolly wishes everyone,

Jane β™‘β™‘β™‘


26 thoughts on “STASH-BUSTING #44

    1. Thank you. I pulled something in my back 3 weeks ago doing laundry (who’d have thought laundry could be so dangerous!!) but was in agony and sitting was a nightmare so no knitting πŸ˜’


  1. I used to LOVE making Pom Poms. We’d make huge ones to play with, and thought it was so much fun. What do you use yours for? Hats and things?

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  2. What do you mean they cancelled Christmas?? Who does that? Dollars to donuts they still celebrate! Either way, no one can stop Baby Jesus!!!
    I love the hats. They look so plump and cozy. I, for one, would proudly don the lopsided pompom! Happy to hear your back is improving. Merry Christmas, Jane.

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    1. We are just having Christmas at home but the government promised the country family get togethers for Christmas but sadly COVID isn’t as under control as they had hoped😣
      Thank you for the lovely comments about my pom poms. Merry Christmas to you too Regina xx

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