Another project started in 2020 but finished in 2021…

I have finally finished this little kitty coat for N’s granddaughter

The pattern came from Hobbycraft and it is made in their cotton blend DK yarn. It is knitted completely in garter stitch which is why it took so long – I got bored😋

Anyway it’s in the post now, hopefully it fits???

Meaow 🐱🐱🐱

Woolly wishes,

Jane ♡♡♡


15 thoughts on “STASH-BUSTING IN 2021 #4

  1. That is lovely. I am totally with you on the garter stitch – I literally can’t do it. I just get sooooooo bored and it always turns out really badly. Yours on the other hand looks fab. I’m sure she’ll look lovely in it.

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